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Awkward couples in Bollywood with height difference!

Bollywood always comes up with something weird. This time I’m here to discuss some odd jodis on-screen. Wonder what reason I have this time? Well, it is because tall ladies romance short heroes. Nah, it is definitely not cute. Or perhaps it wouldn’t look all that bad when an actor stands on a little height to match his heroine or the heroine avoiding heels just so she’d look his height.

Here are some awkward couples in Bollywood where the heroine is taller than the hero!


Aamir katrina
The recent Dhoom 3 had an odd pair as its lead. Aamir Khan, who’s height is 5.5, was seen romancing the hot and sizzling Katrina Kaif. They looked very odd on-screen. their height difference was visible in major parts of the film. Not just that, even during the promotional events of the film the actor looked like a midget in front of this beauty. Oh, did I tell you that her height is 5.7?


diovan 160
shahrukh khan deepika
The super hit Chennai Express pair, Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone look cute together. But the fact that they he is shorter than her is something that cannot be hidden. The lady has long slender legs and her figure is just drool worthy. But she comes in front of the actor, one can easily make out that somewhere something is weird. Maybe it is their height!!


Although their height is the same, i.e 5.7, somehow Katrina Kaif looks tallers than Salman Khan. The reason could be their body structure. He looks stout while she looks tall and beautiful. Don’t you think its a little odd when a guy has to look up a bit to look into his heroine’s eyes?


shahid sonam
Remember they acted together in Mausam? No, I don’t blame you if you’re having a tough time remembering what this is. The 2011 film say Shahid Kapoor opposite the belle Sonam Kapoor. The film did terrible but their chemistry was quite good. However, Shahid is 5.7 while Sonam dearest is 5.8.}} else {

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