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For Zayed Khan, Hrithik’s going to remain brother-in-law!

Hrithik and Suzanne might have split, but that didn’t stop his brother in law Zayed Khan from being Hrithik’s closest friend like always. Zayed Khan was one of the guests at Hrithik’s 40th birthday party and even spent the whole evening after the party with Hrithik! In fact, a source says that they are closer than ever before now, after the split took place. Suzanne might not be missing Hrithik, but her family definitely seems to be. After Suzanne’s dad, now it’s Zayed. Isn’t that sweet of Sunzanne’s family members?

A source that is very close to both the families confirmed that the two are closer than ever saying,”Zayed represented the Khan parivar at Hrithik’s birthday. Though his sister Sussanne has taken a break from the marriage, her family remains very close to Hrithik. In fact Zayed is today closer to his brother-in-law than ever before. The two guys have been connecting constantly.”

They’re all apparently even hoping that Hrithik and Suzzane will one day get back together. “Everyone in Zayed’s family is hoping to see Sussanne get together with Hrithik. To her credit, Sussanne didn’t once stop Zayed from visiting Hrithik for his birthday” said the same source confirming this.

Zayed Khan has such a strong bond with Hrithik that he supposedly even considers him his brother in law despite the divorce..!


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