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Shahid and Sonakshi.. Something brewing between you two?

In this hub of controversies, Bollywood finds its new victims! And this time nothing can silence the rumour mills. Not even KHAMOSSSHHHH!!!

Now if you are wondering where am I getting with this, then let me answer you. The latest news thats doing the rounds is that Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha are dating. The duo have acted in the film R… Rajkumar and seems like they’ve grown very fond of each other.

Shahid Kapoor has always been linked to his co-sars. Be it Kareena Kapoor, who he actually dated, or Vidya Balan or Priyanks Chpra, luck never favored this lad. “I think I should date a normal girl. I am tired of dating heroines,” is what Shahid said once upon a time. Yeah, once upon a time. Now, however, looks like the winds have changed their direction and Shahid has found his lady love.

How love brewed between them, you ask me? Okay, so this is what a little birdie had to say, “Sonakshi and Shahid were acquaintances when they started shooting for the movie, but later as they got to spend time with each other on and off the sets they realised that they were more than friends. And anyway both them were single.” Ooh! Cupid on duty, eh?

To add to the budding “friendship” between the Shahid and Sonakshi, it seems, the actor gifted this desi belle a saree during the filming of R… Rajkumar. How thoughtful, nahi?

Talking about the Dabangg lady, Sonakshi Sinha, it is quite surprising that she would actually date someone. I mean, her dad influences her life way too much and any guy would think twice before looking at her. Also, doesn’t she look more like a behenji? I’m not trying to be rude..or probably I am.. But doesn’t Sona look like she has a stock of rakhees in her bag always ready?

During the promotions of R… Rajkumar, Shahid and Sona were seeing having a great time. On Koffee with Karan 4, the two opened up much about their lives, careers and friendship as well. What was surprising..oops, that on the reality show Bigg Boss, Shahid Kapoor literally lifted Sonakshi Sinha! *dumbstruck*

Anyway, so if the two are dating, then we must say Shahid has got a duck that lays golden eggs. Uh, common! I am not comparing Sonakshi to a duck! Sona can’t even pout!!!

Coming back to the point.. The whole industry is talking about the two. They have been seen attending parties together, hanging out here, there and everywhere. At this point one wouldn’t even dare asking them whats going on. Their reply would anyway be “good friends”. Bleh!!

We really hope all of these aren’t baseless rumours. Because Shahid’s career doesn’t seem to be seeing good skies while Sonakshi doesn’t really have any male acquaintances. They both are perfect for each other.

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