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OMG! Emraan Hashmi’s four year-old son is ill, diagnosed with first stage cancer

Yes! You read that right peeps! Emraan Hashmi’s kid, Ayan who is aged 4 years, has been detected with first stage cancer. This news was broken to a tabloid by his uncle, Mahesh Bhatt.

Reportedly, a malignant tumor has been detected in the little boy’s kidney, and a surgery followed by chemotherapy is what will help Ayan recover.

Mahesh Bhatt said, “I got a call from Emraan at about 12.30 on Monday. He was speaking some garbled words and it was a call that kind of shattered me as he was inconsolable. He was calling from Hinduja Hospital where his four-year-old son Ayan had been diagnosed with a tumor in his kidney that was found malignant. The doctor had suggested immediate surgical intervention after which the road map for the future would be decided and that would probably mean chemotherapy.”

But what’s a little bit consoling is that the caner is in it’s first stage and is definitely curable.

Meanwhile, both Emraan and his wife are presently in a shattered condition, still trying to get over the heartbreaking news of their son. However, baby Ayan is brimming with life and is totally unaware of his dreaded illness.

May God give the child and his parents all the strength in the world and make their bond even stronger during this tough time. We are sure the kid will be cured fully.

Hey kiddo, we hope you kick that cancer’s bum hard! All prayers coming your way. Get well soon!

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