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Heard this? Hrithik and Sussanne were spotted in Bandra family court!

They made one of the most good looking couples ever. They looked oh-so-in-love like a newly wed couple even after 17 years of togetherness. And one fine day, some kind of unknown force forced them to part ways. I’m sure you would have guessed by now whom I’m talking about.

Well, Hrithik and Sussanne started to live separately early Dec last year, and while we so badly wanted to believe that the couple would get back together and that the separation was just temporary, rumors about Duggu and his wife already signing the divorce papers are doing the rounds. Reportedly, the duo were spotted in the Bandra family court and if sources are to be believed, they have signed the papers too.

As per sources, “A divorce has been filed at the Bandra’s Family court and the magistrate of the court has apparently asked the estranged couple to go through a counseling session of two months and try to sort out their issues. If it fails, the proceeding of the court will follow for acquiring divorce.”

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