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“I don’t think me and Madhuri will work again” Juhi Chawla

As the really amazing trailer of Gulaab Gang has become a very big hit with the audiences, Juhi Chawla who’s done a great job along with Madhuri Dixit talks about the film and how she thinks that this could be the last chance that the two of them will be able to act together.

Here’s what Juhi Chawla talked about it at the screening of a Bengali film where she talked to the media, “I think this (‘Gulaab Gang’) was the last chance I got to work with her (Madhuri Dixit) and I don’t think we will again get a chance to work together in future.”
“It happens once in a lifetime when we get such a good script and where we can work together with such dedication. So, I don’t imagine that we will again be working (together). That’s why the film is exciting for us as actors” she added talking about how the film is very exciting for her.

Also, Juhi Chawla reveals why she never worked with Madhuri ever before as they were rivals and she said ‘no’ to working with her because of that! “There were times when I had a chance to work with Madhuri, but at that time we were rivals and I was like, ‘I will not work with Madhuri at all.”
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