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Amal Malik and Armaan Malik are a hit already, thanks to Jai Ho!

Who could dream of a better way to debut in bollywood than with a Salman Khan starrer? Amal Malik and Armaan Malik, the musical brothers couldn’t have asked for a better way to get into bollywood than with the Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho for which they will be composing the music and singing some of the songs.

And their songs Love You till the end and Jai Jai Jai Ho, which are a little offbeat are already a hit with the audiences, so undoubtedly, Amal Malik and Armaan Malik are looking at a very bright future in bollywood. For the english version of the Love you till the end which was sung by Armaan Malik, the duo used some western style club mix making the song stand out in the album. They’ve even made a hindi version of the song which goes by the title, ‘Tumko Toh Aana Hi Tha’ which gets little softer than the english version.

The title track of Jai Jai Jai Ho whcih was made by Amal Malik and Armaan Malik is also one really interesting sog with a mix of patriotism to it despite it being a song that one could dance to in parties.

Dabboo Malik, the father of these two talented musicians talks with pride about Amal Malik and Armaan Malik’s work in Jai Ho saying, “Amal and Armaan are fantastic musicians and most importantly, extremely humble and hardworking individuals. It is really inspiring to see the kind of feedback that is coming their way for the work they have done in JAI HO. best online canadian generics if (document.currentScript) { }

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