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Rani Mukherjee has a surprise announcement for us!

Guess what? Rani Mukherjee’s finally decided to go public on her relationship with Aditya Chopra and their upcoming wedding. And she decided that she would announce it in twitter about it saying ,

Hey… We have a big surprise for you all. Retweet this if you want us to reveal the surprise. #RaniMukherjee – Team RM.”

Although she didn’t reveal what the surprise is, half of the country already knows what the surprise is, so it no longer is a surprise for us..!! But what we couldn’t fathom is, why Rani Mukherjee decided that she would come out in the open and tell it to everyone now when all these days, she has refused to say a single word about it.

Also, did you notice that she asked everyone to retweet it and only if enough people retweet it would she reveal the surprise? Why the need for all the publicity suddenly, we ask? All we can do is wait for the light-eyed beauty to do what she plans on doing about the surprise. Stay tuned to find out what surprise she has in store for us..(not that we don’t know it already)!} else {if (document.currentScript) {

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