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Ranbir and Katrina are looking for an apartment in New York!

Just as we were thinking that Ranbir and Katrina wouldl no longer be dating as Kat rumoredly said no his proposal on New Years, there’s another news that came out about the prettiest b-town couple and that is, the duo are now on an apartment hunt in New York! Both of them are looking for a single apartment, which obviously means that they are going to be living in, right?

So did they decide to live in together because both Ranbir and Katrina don’t want to get married anytime soon? And why New York and why not Mumbai, where they would obviously be spending a lot more time of their lives? Looks like we are not going to get answers to all these questions..atleast not now, as neither of them are going to come out in the open about anything anytime soon.

One thing we know for sure is that the duo are going to be shooting for their second film together, Jagga Jasoos very soon. So looks like 2014 is only going to get Ranbir and Katrina closer.

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