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Anil Kapoor and Dimple to redo “Tera Saath Hai..” in Welcome Back?

The song Tera Saath Hai Kithna Pyaara from the film Jaanbaaz was perhaps the most raunchy thing seen on mainstream cinema during the time the film was released. The song showed Dimple Kapadia and Anil Kapoor rolling in hay on what seemed like the extreme throes of passion.

While Dimple looked ravishingly hot in her cow-girl avatar, Anil Kapoor’s look was a different story altogether. He looked like a cross between the bigfoot and a grizzly bear who had walked into a barber’s store and shot the barber before he could finish.

Decades later, the two will be seen together on screen in the upcoming film Welcome Back. The film-maker Anees Bazmee has decided to get the chemistry between them again in a reprise of that song. Reports say the two will roll in hay again, just like the original song. Back then the two were young and (for the lack of a better word) nubile. Will they be able to scorch the screen again or will it make us shut our eyes in agony?

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