Did Aamir Khan shed tears while shooting for Satyamev Jayate season 2?

We saw how emotional Aamir Khan got during the first season of Satyamev Jayate. We don’t blame the actor as the stories which were showcased on the TV show were deeply touching and heart wrenching. Even we had tears in our eyes a number of times. And if things are to go by, the new season of the successful TV show isn’t going to be any different. On the very first day of the shoot, the makers of the TV show decided to highlight to issues of violence that the women in our country are facing. We hear it was while shooting this episode, Mr Perfectionist got carried away with the emotions and couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Aamir began with an introductory speech, and then, as the women’s testimonies started, they started talking about their experiences. Listening quietly, after a while, Aamir could not hold his tears back,” said a source to a leading daily. That’s not all! The shooting was stalled for nearly half an hour as AK just couldn’t deal with his emotions. “He is an emotional person, and he was in no condition to resume shooting at that moment. That’s why we took a break so he could have some time to himself,” added the insider.

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