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Subhash Ghai reveals what Kaanchi is all about!

Although Subhash Ghai has been very hush hush about his movie Kaanchi and the leading lady of the movie Mishti, he’s now revealed what Kaanchi is going to be all about by tweeting on it. Ghai said that the movie is going to revolve around the issues that trouble the country, women empowerment and corruption and Mishti plays the role of a girl who fights against these two issues trying to bring about a change in the country.

“My film ‘Kaanchi’ calls for new India with new thought, new women empowerment. A fight for right through all its entertainment to maximum audience,” was what the filmmaker tweeted recently on his movie.

He adds saying that Kaanchi is going to be an inspiration for millions of the country’s youth, “I am happy to convey the suppressed feelings of millions of youth of India through the story of ‘Kaanchi’, through its soul with joys and sorrows.” Wow looks like another Rang De Basanti is in the making, with new comers this time.., we sure can’t wait for the release of the movie and can’t wait to see what all changes it is going bring in our country. d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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