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“Hrithik will be a good director” Rakesh Roshan

As Hrithik Roshan turned 40 on the 6th this month papa Roshan who directed him for the recent hit Krishh 3 talked about how he became a director and how Hrithik has it in him to become a director too. Rakesh Roshan also talked about the recent separation of Hrithik and Suzanne.

Talking about how he would never work with any other actor until the movie is a female centric one like Khoon bari maang, Rakesh Roshan says, “He can work with outside directors. But I’d never work with any other actor, unless I am making an out-and-out heroine-oriented film like ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’. I might be tempted to make a film with a female protagonist, but only if Hrithik is too busy to work with me.”

He then added that Hrithik, who is such a fine actor would make a great director. “Now I feel Hrithik, who is such a successful actor, far more than I ever could be, has a filmmaker lurking within him. He will one hundred percent direct a film some day. Mark my words, he’ll be a very fine director. I am sure of that. He may not be a good producer, but he’ll be a terrific director” was what Rakesh Roshan said.

And for the recent separation of Hrithik and Suzanne, this waht Rakesh Roshan had to say, “My wife and I want Hrithik to be happy and at peace with himself, no matter what.”


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