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Yaariyan Review: Small budget, new faces, pleasant watch

Yaariyan Review: Directed by the debutante director Divya Khosla, Yaariyan is a kind of a coming-of-age film not just for the characters in the story but also the director and the cast themselves. Divya Khosla is not new to the glam-world, she was featured in several music videos besides acting in a few films. Other than that, being the wife of a top notch producer like Bhushan Kumar, meant she had access to practically any star that she might have wanted to act in the film. Instead; she chose a complete new-comer cast; that brought a hitherto unknown freshness to the screen.

What T-Series did to 2013 by roping in Shraddha Kapoor for Aashiqui 2; they did the same for 2014 by getting in Himansh Kohli, Serah Singh, Nicole Faria, Dev Sharma, Rakul Preet, Evelyn Sharma.

The movie starts off with these masti-marofying ‘kids’ in their college. Their principal, played by Gulshan Grover, summons them and tells them that the fate of their college is in their hands; as a multinational company wants to take over the premises and convert it into a resort. The kids can stop it if they beat their Australian counterparts in various physical and mental tests.

The story-line, sub-plots, etc make the viewer reminisce of movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, etc; the first half has a lot of comic scenes while the second half has emotional scenes. While some comic scenes seem artificial, the emotional scenes have been perfectly handled by the director.

This, combined with the hard-working cast and the music; make the movie seem very promising. Even if it is not a blockbuster, it will rake in decent moolah for the makers.

Overall verdict: It is worth a watch over the weekend.

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