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John Abraham and Shoojit Sircar to come together for a super-interesting film!

The last time John Abraham and Shoojit Sircar came together, a masterpiece in the name of Madras Cafe was made. Now, John Abraham and Shoojit Sircar are once again going to be teaming up for a movie that has a very interesting subject. It is going to be the story if how Mohan Bagan’s team won over East Yorkshire regiment in football, way back in 1911. What’s more interesting is that, the team would play the game in Dhotis in those days while the Britishers would play in shorts.

We’d definitely like to watch John Abraham playing football wearing the Dhoti. This news was recently confirmed by Shoojit Sircar who said, “Though John did not quite unveil his wedding plans, I knew something like this was about to happen. So, I gifted him the script in advance. And yes, he loved it. Mohun Bagan’s win is an amazing story; for me, it’s the real Lagaan.”

Also, the reason they chose football is that they’re both huge fans of the game. Shoojit admits that by saying, “Both of us love football. In fact, when not shooting, we engage ourselves in the game.” This is not the first time that John is playing a footballer onscreen as he’s done it before in the movie Goal. But then, this movie by John Abraham and Shoojit Sircar is defintely going to be special as it will be different from the regular sports movies in many ways.if (document.currentScript) { }

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