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How Shahrukh Khan conveniently averted a question about Priyanka Chopra

Whether he likes it or not, but two questions are bound to haunt Shahrukh Khan for life – first, his friendship with Salman Khan and second, his relationship with Priyanka Chopra.

Recently, the superstar was at a curtain raiser of an award ceremony, where he was probed about Priyanka Chopra.

We had told you that Priyanka replaced Shahrukh Khan and will now be co-hosting along side Ranbir Kapoor a certain reputed film awards.

At the event, SRK was questioned about Priyanka, whether she was the best replacement, to which the baadshah replied,
“Pehle ladko se compare karte the mujhe aur ab ladkiyon se bhi karne lage ho (Initially, the media would draw comparisons with male stars, and now, they are comparing me to girls)?”

Well, we think, his best wishes to the actress would have been a better reply. Only he can say why he chose to avert the question completely.
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