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“2014 going to be great professionally and personally” Sushmita Sen

When Sushmita Sen was spotted at the Rouble Nagi’s art exhibition recently, we were surprised at how fabulous she was looking and how much weight she has lost. She was then asked why she lost so much weight when she said that there are great things in store for her personally and professionally in 2014 and that is the reason that she lost weight. So for all you guys who’ve missed the diva on the big screen all these days.., Sushmita Sen’s making a comeback this year!!

Here’s what teh 38 year old actress spoke, talking about that, “I have been preparing actually since 2013. I know everytime an actor loses weight or starts looking fitter or thinner, it is always for a reason. But this is me getting ready for the most fantastic time of my life in all aspects. Professionally and personally 2014 is going to be my year.”

“Professionally you are going to see me back this year for sure. We have two very nice announcements, hopefully they should happen soon.The filming for one of them begins in July and the rest of them is more of combining the entrepreneur side of me and the actor and the mum side of me, all of it together,” Sushmita Sen added, talking about her career this year. But in all this she hasn’t revealed why 2014 is going to be so great in her personal life..!if (document.currentScript) {

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