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Veena Malik gives a fitting reply to Prashants Allegations

The Veena Malik Khan Khattak – Prashant Singh saga continues. Veena hit back at the claims that Singh had put forth, terming them as rather – dubious and horrendous. She decided to give him, her piece of mind. Further fueling the war of uncertainty, she stated that he was one of her employees and she paid him for that like any other employer.
Veena Malik gives a fitting reply to Prashants Allegations

According to the sources, Prashant was her digital manager and used to manage all her social media accounts. Having access to all her accounts he posted a few controversial photographs. Veena was quick to act and quickly made a new twitter account with the twitter handle @iVeenaKhan. Also, a few days ago he publicly said that he and Veena were romantically involved and were an item. All this came after the news of her and Asad Bashir Khan Khattak`s nikkah made rounds in the media world.
Veena Malik
Veena was so aghast by the whole episode that she decided to hit back. She nullified all his claims saying that, he should stay within his limits and should be more chivalrous in his approach. She reportedly said that, he was blackmailing her for “money and cheap publicity”, Many of his colleagues say that both were like – brothers and sisters, and maintained a good working rapport. So, they think that this may have misled him to think otherwise. She also claimed that she would take a legal action against him. She is quite happy with her husband and doesn`t want any controversy affecting them now or in future. She also points that it doesn`t affect her in any way it`s just that it is “spoiling her reputation”.

Asad Bashir Khan Khattak laughed off the whole episode stating that, “If the fellow needs any mental help, I can recommend him a few good doctors”.} else {

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