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Why did Ranveer Singh get angry when asked about Deepika Padukone?

We are more than just eager to get our hands on every little piece of info brewing between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. While Deepika has always preferred to stay mum on her relationship status, Ranveer has never shown any hesitation and has always been quite vocal to admit that he has been in Love for a while now. But the Desi actor has now decided to stay ‘mum’ and keep personal things personal. We are saying this because, when asked about
his alleged ladylove Deepika and their recent New York vacation at the recent press conference of Gunday, Ranveer was really upset. In fact, the boisterous actor remained silent and let his co-star Arjun Singh and director Ali Abbas Zafar to do all the talking on his behalf. While Ranveer answered few questions and spoke about love, the actor lost his cool as mediawalas kept asking him about his personal life. Singh said, “Focus on ‘Gunday‘.”

But nothing worked and the reporters were eager to ask him more personal questions. The otherwise calm and cool Ranveer so was miffed by then, that he didn’t hesitate to give his peace of mind and said, ”What is this happening, is this the Gunday film press conference or my interrogation.”


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