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Why did Kareena Kapoor reduce her fee? Is she jobless?

Despite appearing in two ‘big’ films in 2013 –Satyagrah and Gori Tere Pyaar Mein-; the year was not successful for her as the films didn’t manage to make an impact. Now, as per reports, she has cut down her endorsement fee.

“Kareena was in talks with the company for few weeks and asked for Rs 3 crore for it. The company agreed to her demands and they have just closed the deal,” said a source to a tabloid. She always had a major demand for endorsements; so why did she revise her remuneration? Is it because she is insecure about her future prospects after the debacle that GTPM was?

However, there are contradicting reports as well. Another source said she didn’t revise her fee. “Kareena hasn’t cut down her fees; it just so happens that her fees vary depending on the product. She is known for endorsing products she believes in and since she is fully aware of the health benefits of green tea, the fitness-conscious actress was happy to come on board,” said the other source.

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