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Hrithik Roshan spends 10 hours with Salman in his house, pouring his heart out!

For some mysterious reason, Salman Khan seems to be the man every bollywood actor is drawn to after they’ve had a bitter divorce. After Aamir Khan revealed in Koffee with Karan how he never liked Salman Khan until he’s had a divorce after which he was like a confidant and a huge pillar of strength for him, Hrithik Roshan who’s just gone through a heart breaking divorce with his wife of 13-years seems to have found a mentor in Salman Khan. We know this, because we just found out that Hrithik Roshan has just a couple of days ago spent a whole 10 hours in Bhai’s house.

What is surprising is that Salman Khan wasn’t a very good friend of Hrithik Roshan’s before the divorce. In fact, they barely ever spoke at all. The first time that Hrithik attended a party of Salman’s was the New Year party, but he didn’t stay there for a very long time. But even by then, he was divorced. Now, he spends nearly a whole a night pouring his heart out to Salman on the devastating split. So how do we know that he was there to talk about his feelings on the divorce? Here’s how..,

As source close to Salman told us this.., “Hrithik came in late evening and he stayed all night. He looked very crestfallen. The subject of discussion was his broken marriage and his estranged wife Sussanne.” That is a very sweet thing that Salman Khan just did..he’s definitely being human we think..

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