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Exclusive: Alia Bhatt graces the cover of Elle magazine!

Alia Bhatt after portraying a I-need-my-Louis Vuitton fashionista image with her debut performance in Karan Johar’s ‘Student Of The Year’, will be seen playing a very serious role, aiming to cement her position in the movie world as a good actor too. And if her performance in Imtiaz Ali’s Highway is anything to go by, we must admit that the 20-year-old is pushing her envelope pretty well.

Here the actress is seen on the cover of Elle magazine. She Sure knows how to handle the camera very well and with the pretty smile of hers, she manages to somehow pull of the photo shoot quite well. Though the pretty lady has a long way before she can be a convincing model, She’s got the style and she known’s how to handle the camera very well. But there is something missing.. Don’t you think so?

Alia Bhatt is wide-eyed on the cover of Elle!







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