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The generous Khans of Bollywood: Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan

In two separate incidents, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have in their own ways proven that our celebs have golden hearts.

Salman Khan, who runs an NGO Being Human Foundation, was at Mehboob Studios recently. A middle aged man and his young son in a wheelchair caught the star’s attention and he inquired about them. Salman bhai then came to know that the boy Vijay can’t walk because of a medical condition and his father Kailash was looking for help. Sallu bhai then wrote a doctor’s name on a paper and gave it to Mr. Kailash and told him to approach the doctor and also assured him that the medical expenses will be taken care of by himself.

The doctor in question Dr. Sandeep Chopra, who works with the Being Human Foundation, said “We have treated Vijay before but he lost touch with us. After meeting him near Mehboob Studio, Salman immediately called me up and said that we need to take care of Vijay’s case on priority basis. We will ensure that financial and medical help is extended to them.”

Meanwhile, Shahrukh Khan also showed his noble side when he came out of a party recently. The minute he was out of the venue, he was mobbed by fans and media. Spotting a street kid in the crowd, Shahrukh took him aside and spoke to the kid for some time; made the kid laugh happily.

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