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Salman Khan is not interested in gifting Katrina Kaif anything?

We all are well aware of how much Salman Khan loves to do charity. The Dabangg actor loves to pamper his loved ones with expensive gifts. Now, what we have heard is that the actor refused to gift Katrina Kaif the Audi RS 7 Sportback which he himself launched .

At the event yesterday, Salman Khan launched and also became the first customer of Audi RS 7 Sportback, and when we asked him who he would gift this car, Sallu said that while Katrina will look very good with the car, he wouldn’t gift it to her. “Let’s see who deserves it. May be to somebody who actually looks good in it… it would be Katrina (Kaif). I would not like to gift her though. Let somebody else gift it to her,” Salman told the reporters at the event.

What we don’t seem to understand is – if Kareena Kapoor Khan got a BMW from Salman for doing Fevicol and Elli Avram got a house in Bandra from him for we don’t know doing what – then why is he ignoring Kat?

Meanwhile Elli Avram is ruling the news with rumours that the sexy lady will be paired alongside Salman Khan in an upcoming project. While all of Salman’s dates until 2016 are blocked, Salman went ahead to say that Elli might be his next heroine, “You will see Elli when a director or producer casts her. We have Elli in mind for sure … I will say that straight out. It’s very clear that if I see something in a person only then that person will get to work with me. If I feel that a person deserves it, only then it will happen or else nothing doing. If somebody makes my head turn twice that means the girl has something about her.” The Swedish-Greek actor can now rejoice the fact that she has won over the Dabangg for not very long ago Sallu had said the same about Katrina and many other heroines that he launched.

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