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Why was Vikas Bahl scared of Kangana Ranaut?

Vikas Bahl, the helmer of Queen, had actually written the script with Kangana Ranaut in his mind but was apprehensive about approaching the Gangster actress as he had never known her personally.

While he was pondering on how to approach her, film-maker Anurag Basu saved the day and introduced Vikas to Kangana. Anurag Basu and Vikas were friends from a long time; since the time Vikas was working for UTV.

Kangana, who got her big launch with Anurag Basu’s Gangster; is ever grateful to him and responded immediately when Anurag texted her saying his friend Vikas had a script for a good film. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Queen tells the story of a common girl Rani, played by Kangana Ranaut and is scheduled for a February 28th release.
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