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Salman Khan doesn’t want to get married ever!

While we are all waiting for the most eligible bachelor of bollywood, Salman Khan to one day tie the knot, he’s made it clear in a recent interview that he loves his single status has no intention of getting married at all. He’s even made it clear that he would never want to have a girlfriend either.

“I am not interested in getting married or having a girlfriend. I am loving my single status. In 30 years I must have been single…I am loving it. I am absolutely having a blast…you have no idea how I am feeling.” Salman Khan said, talking about it.

And here’s why Salman Khan thinks that marriage is not for him ” Now that I am single.. I can do whatever I can. There is no need to give explanation, or lie to anyone.”

He also hinted that women can be a part of his life, but should not expect anything like marriage.”Whoever wants to come (in my life) can come…but don’t expect anything.” he says.

But that doesn’t mean that Salman Khan’s a commitment phobic or that he doesn’t respect women. “When I commit…then I commit. Right now, I am non-committal about anything.I respect women and I will always continue to do it. I have never spoken ill about anyone” he adds, speaking about it.
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