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Randeep Hooda needs to put on 10 kgs for Kick!

Randeep Hooda the newest hunk in bollywood has bagged a very important role in Kick, Salman Khan’s upcoming movie as we’ve earlier reported. Apparently the director Sajid Nadiadwala thought that Randeep was a little too lean and asked him to put on atleast ten kgs for the movie, and Randeep is busy doing just that.

And here’s what Randeep Hooda has got to say about it, “When Sajid saw me, he realised that I was looking lean and he did not want my character to look like that in his film. I will have to work really hard and put on 10 kg in such less time. It is quite a task to continuously lose and gain weight. I will have to make changes in my diet and workout regime to do justice to the character.”

Poor Randeep had to lose 10 kgs for Prawal’s next project to look extremely lean and now he has to get work to gain 10 extra kilos. But then, being a part of Salman Khan’s movie is not a chance that everyone would get and one has to do whatever it takes to make themselves look perfect in it.

Kick is the remake of a telugu movie and Sajid Nadiadwala’s first ever directorial venture.}} else {

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