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Peekay Spoiler: Aamir Khan Plays a Naked Alien

Peekay Spoiler Alert! Aamir Khan will be seen baring it all in a scene from the upcoming Rajkumar Hirani film Peekay. As a source tells us, “In the film, Aamir is playing the role of an alien who lands on Earth by choice. The bare portion is a part of his introduction scene.”

Will it be something akin to the Terminator‘s introduction from the movie The Terminator…?

And in the leaked stills from the film, Aamir Khan is shown wearing women’s clothes or weird turbans; that is because of his character’s alien origins. The alien is new to the Earth and doesn’t know what to wear; instead, he blindly copies what people around him do.

The source further adds that the naked scene was an integral part of the scene. “The only debate was whether Aamir would do it himself or want to use a body double. After a lot of deliberation, Aamir decided to do it himself so that it would look authentic. And he was not nervous about doing it at all. When the scene was shot, a minimal unit was present on the set, all cameras and phones were kept out and everyone was taken into confidence,” says the source.

Setting a new benchmark in acting?
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