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“Oscars can’t tell me if my films are good or bad” Aamir Khan

Although Aamir Khan is one of the biggest contributors to the bollywood industry, he has always been absent at the award functions and has always maintained that awards mean nothing to him. Now, the Dhoom 3 star talks about how he thinks that Oscars can’t tell him if his movies are good or bad and only the audiences can decide that.

“For me, the Oscar is a window from which your audience increases… I see it in that way only” was what Aamir Khan said talking about it.

“Oscar can’t tell me whether my film is good or bad and I am not interested in that. My interest with Oscar is that it’s an opportunity for a film to get a larger window to a larger audience. Audience are unaware of your film, but if you manage to get nominated then there is a whole world out there who wants to see your film, who otherwise would not have known about your film. It’s an opportunity to get your film viewed by more people.” he added.
It is only the audiences’ opinion that Aamir Khan cares about.., “Whether the film is good or bad, this I want to hear from the audience and not from anyone else.”

Even if he doesn’t care about the Oscars, the fact that his movie Lagaan was among the first few to make to the Oscar nominations is something we’re all definitely proud of.

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