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OMG! Ranveer and Deepika have now started to match their outfits too

They say they ain’t a couple. She even made it clear on Karan Johar’s chat show that she is very much single. Then why are they always spotted together? What was Ranveer Singh doing with Deepika Padukone in New York on her birthday? And now, believe it or not the alleged lovebirds have even started to match their outfits.

We had reported just yesterday that “good friends” Ranveer and Deepika were caught on camera at an eatery in New York, where the duo went to celebrate the latter’s birthday. While Ranveer posed happily for his fans, Deepika looked reluctant and irritated.

After a nice vacation, the two returned to Mumbai yesterday and were clicked at the airport. And guess what caught our attention besides their happy faces? Well,the alleged couple were dressed in same-to-same, ditto clothes. Both, Ranveer and Deepika were in black, and both looked hot. While Ranveer added those quirky looking glasses and a beanie cap to his look, Deepy added a dash of color to her all black look. These two, they share so much chemistry even when they are walking at a distance. Deepika is picture of serenity and femininity and Ranveer all expressive and masculine. Very lovable.

Interestingly this is not the first time that two have been spotted in similar attires. Earlier too, the couple were spotted in matching footwear with a hint of orange.

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