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Deepika Padukone will give her own voice for Kochadaiyaan!

Deepika Padukone, the Indian star diva who had a rocking 2013 would be dubbing her own lines for her big Rajinikanth blockbuster.
There were reports earlier that Mona Ghosh would be dubbing for the actress in the Hindi version of Kochadaiyaan. While this is partially true, the entire version of the story portrays a different picture.

We spoke to the film’s co-producer Dr Murli Manohar who said, “It’s true we got Mona Ghosh to dub for Deepika in Hindi. But that’s only because we needed a complete version of the film for various screening purposes before release. This was done only because Deepika is a very busy actress and could not give us immediate time that we needed for the dubbing. But we’ll get Deepika to do her dubbing before the film releases.”

Apparently, Deepika’s voice is much too well-known to be played around with.

Says Dr Murli, “After Chennai Express even her Tamilian fan-following has multiplied. We are very lucky that she played a Tamilian in Chennai Express. It gave her stardom an extra push in Tamil Nadu just when we’re ready to release our film.”

The makers now plan to promote Kochadaiyaan not only as Rajinikanth’s film but also Deepika’s.

“She is a very important part of our marketing plans. We’d be foolish to not cash in on her stardom.Kochadaiiyaan would be another landmark film in Deepika’s career,” said Dr Murli about the actress who is currently in Banglore with her family for her birthday.

Says a friend of Deepika, “2013 was a whirlwind year for her. She was working round-the-clock. Ahead of her birthday, she had a party for her colleagues in Mumbai. For her birthday she has gone to Bangalore for a quiet family reunion.”
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