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Best films of Irfan Khan: Incredible acting!

Might he not be the clichéd hot hunk, he is definitely the silent crusader when it comes to acting. He is so suttle yet so strong in his performances. Truly an incredible actor, Irfan Khan has never done stereo typical roles. All his performances are path breaking and revolutionary. Here are some of the best films of Irfan Khan.

life of pi

Not only was the film a box office hit but it was also a huge hit critically. It bagged many awards at various functions, including the Oscar! Irfan Khan was highly appreciated for his role in this film.

slumdog millionare

This was probably the most successful film based on India. Irfan Khan role as a dirty cop won him a lot of applauds here and over seas. He didn’t look like he was acting, it was as if he was really a dirty cop!


We would probably never imagine Irfan Khan playing a lover boy, and when he does, he does it with a twist. Excellent acting and heart touching. Irfan not one steals the leading lady’s heart but also ours.


what is the most surprising element about this film is that Irfan Khan romances Lara Dutta. And trust us, they look perfect together! Lara Dutta is beautiful in her desi avatar and Irfan looks super cute in his innocent village guy avatar.

Paan singh tomar

This is a true story of an athlete who turns into a dacoit. The best by Irfan Khan so far. He won many critics and awards for his brilliant performance.

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