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Suniel Shetty’s cousin Ajay Shetty assaults bus driver

Ajay Shetty, actor Suniel Shetty’s cousin went wild and attacked a bus driver last night and the attack was so violent that the driver fell unconscious and is still recovering. A case is now registered against Ajay Shetty. Here’s a detailed account of what actually happened that night..,

At sometime around 12:30 am last night, Ajay Shetty was driving near the Mumbai Central bus station and a BEST (Brihanmumbai electric supply and transport) bus hit Ajay’s car as the driver Rajkumar Shinde was trying to take the bus into the station. After that, Ajay Shetty and his driver Ramnarayan Mishra got into a fight with the driver of the bus, Rajkumar Shinde. Things got so worse in the fight that Ajay and his driver Ramnarayan Mishra hit him such that he actually fell unconscious on the ground.

Scared, Ajay Shetty and his driver fled from the location where the fight took place. Soon after that, the police arrived at the spot and rushed Rajkumar Shinde to the hospital and a case has been booked against Ajay Shetty and his driver for assaulting and obstructing a public servant in duty.} else {}

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