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Fans go berserk after Sanjay Dutt walks into a hospital!

Sanjay Dutt’s name and fame is just getting bigger and bigger post his short stint at jail. A few days back, Sanjay Dutt went to a hospital in town for some check ups of his wife, Maanyata, Sanju’s fans went berserk as they saw their favorite star. His incarceration seems to have added even further to his always growing stardom.

The actor is presently out of jail on a parole. There was a lot of unwanted media attention and ruckus on the same. He had given his wife’s illness as a reason to leave and he came out to be by her side and to take her for various check-ups. The in-patients at the hospital got up from their beds to catch a glimpse of the actor at the hospital. Many patients were heard asking for ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’. he entire lane went choc-a-block when he was about to leave with people waiting to see him.

We just hope that he finishes of his remaining jail rime and come back to give us another breather of a movie in Munnabhai.

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