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Best films of Anurag Khasyap: The dark knight!

If everyone is celebrating Holi, Anurag Khasyap will celebrate Eid, that is his specialty. Very different, quirky and most importantly interresting. He has always picked the path less traveled. Be it his films or his wife, Kalki, he has always had an eye for the unseen. His films have meaning and depth. They are not films that you’d watch leaving your brain at home. He’ll keep you thinking, more than he did while making the film. Best films of Anurag Khasyap, here for you!

Gangs of wasseypur

Best films of Anurag Khasyap
Fights that last generations are bound to be interesting. The depth of the rivalry here is three generations. A clash between a Qureishi dacoit chief and a Pathan who impersonates him leads to the expulsion of Khan from Wasseypur, and ignites a deadly blood feud. How it gets resolved or worsens is portrayed very well in this film.

Dev d

Best films of Anurag Khasyap
When one is remaking a classic like Devdas, one has to be careful. That rule is for mortals, not for Anurag Khasyap. He threw caution in the air and gave the most dramatic and modern outlook to his classic. The story follows the separation of childhood sweethearts, and the young man finding solace in drugs. Meanwhile, a teenage girl is caught in the world of prostitution. Dramatic to say the least!

Black Friday

Best films of Anurag Khasyap
Dark and mysterious. That’s s Anurag Khasyap. This film is about the investigations following the 1993 serial Bombay bomb blasts. Narrated through the different stories of the people involved- police, conspirators, victims, middlemen. Thought provoking and sensible!

That girl in yellow boots

Best films of Anurag Khasyap
Kalki acted in this film and she seemed apt for the role, for the film is about a British woman who faces challenges while attempting to locate her father in India.


Best films of Anurag Khasyap
Crude reality is his favorite and we end this list of favorites with this brilliant film. This film is about a law student who witnesses the struggles of the Rajputs, deception, homicide, and crime after being elected as General Secretary of his college. How he attempts to help and his struggle is put in an interesting manner! } else {d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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