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Deepika Padukone is scared of relationships!

Deepika Padukone, the leggy lass who’s had a rather sad past with regard to her love life, what with Ranbir Kapoor dumping her dating Katrina Kaif right after that, talked about how she is scared of investing her emotions into a relationship after that on Koffee with Karan where she is going to be seen along side Priyanka Chopra.

“I think it was a relationship that I thought would go beyond. For whatever reasons, it didn’t work out. Since then I think I am very scared to invest emotionally in a relationship” was what Deepika Padukone said on the show. We definitely hope that our poor little Dippy will one day find her prince charming who this time around will stick to her.

Deepika Padukone also talked about how she can never go out on a casual date and how she feels the need to be committed. “I don’t know how to just casually go for a date. I do not know how to be in this ‘inbetween dating’ but not committed thing” she says. We wonder the how she could get together with Ranveer Singh who unlike her is a commitment phobic.

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