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PVR Cinemas re-release Farooq Sheikh’s ‘Club 60’!

Farooq Sheikh’s last Bollywood movie before his unfortunate demise, ‘Club 60’ has been reopened by PVR cinemas as a tribute to the actor. The actor had a sudden heart attack and sent shock waves across the film fraternity. The unfortunate incident happened just weeks after his last movie release ‘Club 60’, a movie which was widely appreciated by the critics and the audiences as well until Dhoom 3 hit the screen and stole the show!

Even after there being three other releases in the week, PVR Cinemas took the hard decision. They have given a limited release to Club 60 and the makers of the film are very happy for this gesture. In-spite of the excellent critics rating and the mouth of publicity for it’s story and plot, the film didn’t manage to create strong hold for itself at the Box Office. Post Farooq’s demise, many people were eager to watch the film which was unavailable due to Dhoom 3‘s widespread release.

We think that this gesture by PVR Cinemas will go down well in the hearts of Indian audiences.}

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