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Movie Review: Sholay 3D

Sholay, one of the biggest blockbusters ever in the Indian Cinema surely did not need the 3D effects to be loved by bollywood audiences of nearly three decades, but for some reason Ketan Mehta’s Maya Digital company has decided that they would like to make the legendary movie once again with the 3D effects and that’s how Sholay 3D materialized. After adding a lot of special effects here and there in it, Sholay 3D finally hit the screens did all the 3D effects make the film any better?

We must say that in a way they did add to the wonderful experience that watching this movie has always brought to us. Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra a.k.a Jai and Veeru look very out-of-the-worldish in Sholay 3D thanks to the 3D effects and Hema Malini loks even more beautiful and angelic than she did in the original with her colorful outfits appearing even more dazzling. And definitely it made Jaya Bachchan’s famous lantern lighting scene even more beautiful.

The 3D effects were more amazing during all the fights of the movie with the bullets seeming like they are flying around all around us in the theatres. Gabbar looked so much more violent and lively in the 3D version. We must say that Sholay 3D is a nice effort by the Maya Digital company.

Bottomline: For all those of you who have loved and still love Sholay, watching it in 3D is an experience that is definitely worthwhile.

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