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Arshad Warsi talks about how he would never do sex comedies

Arshad Warsi, one of bollywood’s gifted actors is all set to come up with his Mr.Joe B Carvalho.., and the actor talking about the movie reveals some interesting things about himself.

Did you know that there is an interesting story behind how they came up with the title Mr.Joe B Carvalho? Here’s what Arshad Warsi revealed about that, ” During the holidays I often visit Goa with my family and there, beside our cottage, stays a Mr Carvalho. So one day, after many years, I jokingly asked someone whether his full name was Kuch Bhi Carvalho or Jo Bhi Carvalho. I was just asking out of fun, but what I came to know was that his actual name was Mr Joe Carvalho. So that struck me and I found the name funny enough and got it registered. ”

Arshad Warsi who has talked in the past about how he would like to be a part of only intelligent comedy talks about how he wouldn’t like to do crass or sex comedies unless he’s desperate for work..”I cannot do crass comedies. I am not comfortable doing them. Somewhere down the line my kids would see those movies and I might feel embarrassed at that point of time. It’s a complete ‘No’ for sex comedies, unless I am desperate for work. But still, then I guess I wouldn’t.” was what he said talking about it.

After Jolly LLB, Arshad Warsi is going to be doing a solo role only in Mr.Joe B Carvalho, and here’s what he has got to say about that, “Before Jolly LLB I was doing only two-hero films. So I have done solo films before, but I was not getting that good a script to do more, so I was staying away. Now I am getting some, so I am doing them again.”

After all that we heard Arshad Warsi talk about the movie, we can’t wait for it to hit the theatres soon..,
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