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Will Sholay 3D be able to recreate the same magic?

What happens in the 70s stays in the 70s? No way!! The makers of the film Sholay just cannot keep calm.

38 years after its release, Sholay is all set to grab the attention once again. The film that, undoubtedly, is the greatest film in the history of Indian cinema.

When the film first released decades ago, it created waves in the industry. There has never been a film like Sholay before or ever since. Although there were attempts to remake the film, nothing really prospered.

This time, however, Sholay is all set to release in 3D. The film hits the theatres this weekend.

We wonder if Sholay 3D will be able to recreate the same magic it did decades ago. Even till today one remembers the Basanti as the talkative and hyper active girl, the beautiful friendship of Jai and Veeru, Bollywood’s biggest baddie Gabbar Singh et all.

What is left to be seen is if people would actually be interested in seeing this film once again. Honestly, there isn’t anything that needs a 3D effect. The film is simple and is not even a hard core action film. Besides, after the watching the film for a number of times, we doubt if someone would really want to watch it on big screen again.

We may be wrong but the odds of the film not being a sensational hit once again are quite high.

Lets just see what happens this weekend. generic viagra forums

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