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A sequel of Anil Kapoor’s Nayak on the cards

Remember Nayak, the movie where Anil Kapoor plays a media person who becomes the chief minister for a day and saves his state from an evil chief minister? One can’t forget that movie as easily, it was definitely one of the most effective movies in the whole of Anil Kapoor’s career. Now, Anil Kapoor’s decided that there’s going to be a sequel of Nayak very soon..!!

Apparently, Anil Kapoor thought he’d like to produce a sequel for Nayak since a very long time now, but did not have enough money for that. Now that his 24 has been critically acclaimed and he’s earned millions from that, he decided that he would like to put those millions to good use and produce the sequel of Nayak to bring about some good change in the society. Also, he will be playing the lead role in it.

The sequel is not going to have the same story like that of the original but will have a lot of real life experiences, from what Anil Kapoor recently said. It will however, revolve around politics like that of the original once again. The rest of the cast of this is yet to be decided and the shooting of the film will start off only late in 2014 or in the beginning of 2015.

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