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Best male jodis in Bollywood!

We have seen some sizzling chemistry between the lead couples in many film in Bollywood. With romance we have also seen a lot of bromance. Two care free men together make for great entertainment. There have been many great onscreen couples who have always managed to just lighten the screen up. Be it Raj Kapoor-Nargis, Amitabh Bachchan-Rekha or Shah Rukh-Kajol; these are many pairs which are just unforgettable. However, there have been some fantastic male Jodi’s which have managed to entertain, laugh and also made us cry. Here are some of the best male jodis in Bollywood!

dharmendra and amitabh bachchan

amitabh bachchan and dharmendra
Who better than the trend setters themselves? Much before the world even dreamt of male dostana, these guy had been there and done it. Great chemistry or let’s call it brotherhood! One is calm and private and the other is a volcano. Great combination!

abishek bachchan and john abraham

abishek bachchan and john abraham
This couple touched the audiences heart and each others, literally! Their romance was hilarious and super entertaining in the film Dostana. Pagalpanti redefined. Their kiss towards the end of the film sealed their love story.

Aamir Khan, saif ali khan and akshay khanna

Aamir Khan, saif ali khan and akshay khanna
Though this is a trio and they appeared in just one movie, their jodi was is unforgettable! It redefined the concept of male friendship onscreen. Everything about the movie was so perfect and so amazing, and this trio was like a cherry on the cake!

Akshay Kumar and John Abhraham

Akshay  Kumar and John Abhraham
Desi Boyzz go abroad and become naughty boys. They work as male escorts in the film. Their brotherhood was more entertaining than their chemistry with the leading ladies. They have a very warm and fresh vibe which gives us a happy feeling.

shahrukh khan and salman khan

Akshay  Kumar and John Abhraham
We end the list with the most talked about or rather controversial jodi. SRK and Salman Khan may not be the best of friends noW but there was a time when they were inseparable. Karan Arjun, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai are masterpieces where we gOt to see the rare visual of these two superstars in one single frame. Brotherhood and dostana was once best personified by them.

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