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Meet Mishti, Subhash Ghai’s mysterious girl of Kaanchi

We’ve always known how Subhash Ghai is extremely picky of his leading ladies, and for Kaanchi, his upcoming film, after auditioning nearly 400 girls, he has zeroed in on Mishti as the perfect girl. And although the media did manage to get a few clicks of this new girl, everything about her still remains to be a mystery as Subhash Ghai refuses to disclose anything. We wonder why he is being so secretive and what is so special about this girl that he picked her among 400 others for Kaanchi.

Remember how Subhash Ghai was always very sentimental about the letter M and made sure that all the heroines of his films had their characters named with M as the starting letter? We think that one reason that he chose Mishti could be because she has a name that begins with M. He’s apparently going to name her such that it starts with M once again as per the sources.

Looking at her pictures, we know for sure that she is no ordinary girl. Mishti’s definitely beautiful with a very special charm to her although we must say that she is a little too buxom for bollywood standards. For now, we have got only these pictures and for more on her, looks like we will have wait until the release of Kaanchi.

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