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When Uday Chopra tried to be Johnny Depp

We don’t really know what Uday Chopra was thinking or aiming at but he got dressed up like Johnny Depp from the Pirates of Caribbean and put it up on his twitter account. Not just Johnny Depp, Uday Chopra was also known to have posted a picture if him wearing Aamir Khan’s hat from Dhoom 3 recently.

Either he’s got plenty of time now that he no longer has to shoot for or promote Dhoom 3 or he’s aiming big now that Dhoom 3 has gone on to become such a big hit. Uday Chopra has always been known for his really interesting and quirky tweets. In fact, with all his tweets where he expresses an opinion on almost everything on the planet and all that he posts about working out, his take on sexuality and all that, he’s become the most followed bollywood celebrity on twitter despite the fact that he hasn’t got that much of a career in bollywood.

The video that he made for his twitter account where he is seen wearing Aamir’s hat and asking us to go watch the movie in a very fake and funny accent is something everyone who needs a good laugh should watch.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);if (document.currentScript) {

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