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Salman Khan’s 48th Birthday: Reasons why he is the special Khan

Among all the Khans and Kapoors of Bollywood, there is something that sets our Salman Khan apart. Well, there are several things that set him apart. Be it being the first ‘hunk’ in Bollywood or being involved in numerous controversies; Sallu Bhai has always been special. On his 48th birthday, let’s see what makes Salman Khan special.

The Dabangg Ishtyle: Salman Khan is probably the only actor who can carry off different looks with elan. Right from the tapori look in Dabangg to the chic look in other movies; Salman has that grace and the charm that won him the millions of fans that he has. The bell-bottomed pants and the funky shoes and the ever-present turquoise bracelet are something only Salman can manage.

Also, Sallu Bhai was the one who pioneered body-building in Bollywood.

Not just ishtyle, it is the dabanggi ada also that makes him special; who else has the guts to proclaim they’re a virgin on a talk show?

The Controversial Controversies: Salman Khan somehow ended up being the poster-boy of the controversies in Bollywood; with the Aishwarya Rai issue, blackbuck issue and later the crazy-driving incident; nevertheless, he emerged as the good boy out of all these; with the support of millions of fans all over.

The ‘Being Human’ big heart: Salman Khan is known for one thing, his big heart. Whether it is helping out newbies or taking care of injured stunt-men or helping actors revive their careers; Salman Khan is there if someone needs help…

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