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Poonam Pandey wishes Christmas in a sexy Santa costume!

Just like for every festival, Poonam Pandey had something really special for her followers in social media for Christmas too, a picture of her wishing everyone in a sexy Santa costume. And just like every time, Poonam Pandey managed to grab attention this time as well with the barely there costume showing off her assets.

Also she is seen wishing everyone in a very very fake accent that she has developed lately. The very slutty video has the actress blowing away kisses to everyone in the costume at the end of the video. What’s surprising is that, in spite of the video being so incredibly stupid, it managed to garner ten lakh views from everyone around the globe and went viral shortly after it got released.

This is not the first time that Poonam Pandey has done something like this, she has also released pictures of her in some really skimpy clothes for Diwali and a video of her playing Holi dressed up similarly.., So looks like she’s established a tradition and from now on will release a video or picture of hers for every festival..!

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