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Kill The Rapist Trailer: Thought Provoking

Sometimes small films make a major impact on the society and also at the box office. Going by the trailer, the upcoming film Kill The Rapist looks exactly like one of those films. The trailer has been released on the anniversary of the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape and is dedicated to all the rape victims in the country. The trailer looks promising and has had more than ten million views so far on YouTube.

Produced by Siddhartha Sharma and directed by Sanjay Chhel, the movie stars a complete newcomer cast and when it will be released is not known yet but the trailer is thought provoking and very innovative. It clearly says that the movie’s ending has not been filmed yet. It ends with a question as to whether the rapist should be killed or not and the audiences can respond via SMS and so far, 93% of the people who responded, want the rapist killed.

“It is also a clear indication of the kind of unrest which is there amongst the ‘aam junta’. What I am also surprised about is that there are still around 7% people who want leniency on the rapists. Nevertheless, the campaign is still on and it is finding an energy going for it on its own than any overtly designed media effort. This is what happens when ‘aam aadmi’ takes it to the streets. We recently saw it in politics and now Kill The Rapist would be an epitome of that in the world of films,” says Siddhartha Sharma.

Kill The Rapist Trailer

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