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The cast of Mahabharat 3D talk about the movie

The animated Mahabharat 3D by Amaan Khan, which we’ve been waiting for since quite sometime is going to hit the screens today finally.And the cast (or must we say the voices?) of the movie talk about the epic, Mahabharat and its significance in the world today..

Shatrughan Sinha, who plays Krishna in Mahabharat 3D says, “The Bhagavad Gita implores one to fulfill duties with righteousness and truth, without any selfish motivations. We need to remind ourselves of this great teaching today and spread the message all over to make the world a better place.”

And here’s what Ajay Devgn who plays Arjun had to say, “The Mahabharat upholds the true Indian values of honour, respect for fellow human beings, selflessness, personal integrity and faith. Revisiting it will help introduce these values to our children.”

Anil Kapoor who plays Karna says, “The epic teaches us about non-violence, self-control, truth, contentment and perseverance. Today, our society needs to uphold these principles. Also, it depicts the lives we all live, constantly facing challenges.”

Manoj Bajpayee, who plays Yudhishtir thinks that the conflict among people still exists and says, “The conflict in Mahabharat still exists in our society. All its characters are similar to each one of us. You should watch it to understand relationships and their changing nature.”

And Sunny Deol who plays Bheem says, “If one harnesses the power of the mind, one can perform ‘miracles’, the way warriors, sages and gurus in the Mahabharat did. The epic will give viewers a peek into the mystical world of our very rich, ancient culture.”

Draupadi Vidya Balan says, “Mahabharat is timeless because the battle between desire and honour transcends time. It should be revisited to realise that human behaviour remains the same. It’s the circumstances that vary.”

Finally Anupam Kher who plays Shaguni says, “Even if it’s all been done and said in this story a long time ago, in today’s time, there are more Shakunis than Arjuns, Bheemas, Yudishthirs and Krishnas.”

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